Is Talmudism different from Zionism?


Zionism is the movement dedicated to creating and maintaining a country for Jewish people in the region that is now called Israel.

Talmud is the Hebrew word for "instruction." It has come to mean the body of rabbinical commentary on Jewish law, ethics, customs, and stories. The Torah is the Jewish name for the first five books of the Old Testament. The Torah is considered a record of the written law while the Talmud is a record of the oral traditions passed down supposedly along with the Torah. While not a legal code, the Talmud serves as the basis for modern-day legal codes, in particular, the Halakah, the Jewish way of life. In all practical senses, the Talmud is the codification of Jewish traditions.

Talmudism is not really a word but is used to refer to the more conservative or orthodox beliefs of members of the Jewish community who strive to strictly adhere to the teachings in the Talmud.

For Christians, it is important to note that modern-day Jews are not strict followers of the Old Testament. Instead, they follow man-made traditions based on the Old Testament. The Talmud is a catechism or creed for the modern Jewish society.

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