Is it wrong to wear a cross as jewelry?


Thank you for the information you present on your site.

My question is: Is it sinful or unwise to wear a necklace with a small cross (nothing flashy)? I Peter 3:3-4 and Matthew 23:5 are two verses that may shed some light on it, but I am still not clear.

Thank you.


Our preachers do not carry special titles to distinguish themselves (Matthew 23:6-12), nor do they wear special clothing to set them apart (Matthew 23:5). For the same reason, the members do not wear jewelry or items to say "See, here is a Christian!" We want to be noticed for who we are, not by what we claim to be (John 5:44; I Peter 3:3-7).

People have a tendency to place significance on man-made symbols. A good example of this was the bronze serpent made by Moses to allow a cure from snake bites (Numbers 21:9). Moses made it at the direction of God and it served its purpose. But centuries later people made an idol out of that same bronze serpent (II Kings 18:4). We see this same tendency today. People treat crosses and other religious symbols as good luck pieces. People will say that a cross necklace is there as an open proclamation that they are a Christian, but often these same people will grab their crucifix as they pray as if it had some power. Knowing what people tend to do, most Christians choose to avoid the issue.

However, I can't make a judgment on why a person chooses to wear a cross. Since I don't know the reason behind the choice, I don't condemn someone if they wear one. It is only when someone indicates that they think it has some religious significance that I gently discuss the matter with them.

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