Is it wrong to indulge in food and drink at worship?


Is it wrong for members of the church to indulge in food and drink while worship is happening? We have this problem, and I need an answer with Scripture, please.

Thank you.


I've noticed that people like to make rules instead of citing the Scriptures. It is that tendency that caused discussions between Jesus and the Pharisees over rules, such as in Matthew 12:1-8. It is the same tendency that causes people to make "zero tolerance" rules that look foolish because people don't think about the "why"s behind the rules.

I know people who because of the medication that they take have to sip water frequently. I know diabetics who need to eat something to keep their blood sugar levels reasonable. Since you aren't stating why these people are eating or drinking during worship, it isn't reasonable to say whether what they are doing is right or wrong.

I would recommend looking at the following to understand why there have been objections to turning the church into a social function.

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