Is it wrong for your mom or sister to lead prayers at home?


I know I Timothy 2:11-12 says that women cannot exercise leadership over a man nor teach him, but I'm a little confused. I've heard that this only applies in church or in schools, so some clarification on the wording would be very helpful.

I ask this because my sister and my mother sometimes lead prayer with us at home. Would this be sinful? Also, would its participants who are praying with the woman be guilty of sin as well?



If you are a Christian and old enough, then you should be leading prayers in the absence of an older man leading the prayers. You can show your mother and sister the information listed above. I don’t know if they will agree or not. If they disagree, then say your own prayer silently. The importance is that you do what is right. You can’t control what other people do. You can only let them know what they ought to do.



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