Is homosexuality a race?


Is homosexuality a race?


According to my dictionary, a race is "a lineage; a family, tribe, people, or nation belonging to the same stock; a breed or stock." In other words, a race is a breed of mankind. When two people of the same race have children, characteristics of that race are passed on to those children. Hence, those of Asian stock produce children with the distinctive fold in the corners of the eyes and those of African stock produce children with wide noses and dark, kinky hair.

Yet, homosexuals do not meet this definition. Foremost because the nature of homosexual relationships does not produce children! Even if this is ignored, there is no distinguishing characteristic, besides sexual practice, that marks a person as being homosexual. Scientists have been searching for decades for some distinguishing cause of homosexuality and have so far failed to find one. The closest they have come is the possibility of an inclination toward homosexual relationships and even here the studies have not been reproducible.

However, the strongest argument that homosexuality is not a race is found in these very studies. Bailey and Pillard's study examined male siblings and reported that 52% of identical twins were both homosexual, 23% of fraternal twins, and 9% of non-twin brothers. There are flaws in this study but think about it a moment. What race in mankind do you know where identical twins are born and only half of those twins are members of the same race? Imagine a couple of European descent who produce children who look widely different from their parents. It wouldn't happen!

Hence, we conclude that homosexuality is not a race.

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