In the Beginning God …

by Terry Wayne Benton

Genesis 1:1. The first verse in the Bible is either true or false. If false, then the truth would have to be:

  1. Something accidentally came from nothing.
  2. Something eternal accidentally brought life and order.

But something has never come from nothing, so we have to admit that something is eternal in nature. But the only thing that we know is eternal is God. We know nothing else that is eternal and not created. Therefore, only God can account for all that we see in the universe. Life and intelligence were no mere accidents.

But if you dismiss God because someone told you that science seeks only natural explanations, then science cannot prove it all happened naturally. They do not see new heavens and earths popping into existence and then producing life and intelligence, nor can they demonstrate how it happens naturally. Therefore, there is no natural explanation, but there is a supernatural explanation.

God has let us know how we got here, why, and where we are going! We are here because God created us! That is very important to know!

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