I’m concerned that my 15-year-old still doesn’t want to be baptized


My husband and I both attended Christian colleges and are life-long members of the church of Christ.  We have two children, ages 12 and 15, who we have faithfully taken to church since they were babies.  They are now both very involved in the church youth group.   I am concerned about my 15-year-old son because he has never expressed a desire to be baptized. Both my husband and I have spoken with him individually and together, but he just doesn't seem to be interested.  He usually says he doesn't think he's ready. The youth minister at our church doesn't ever address the topic in group discussions at church or even at summer camp. Our son is a respectful young man and a good student.  He's an athlete and the other boys on his team always ask him to lead the prayer before their competitions, and he never goes to bed without reading his Bible.  I'm not sure if I need to address the baptism topic more frequently with him or if there is a good study book geared for teens that addresses the topic of baptism.

I would appreciate your suggestions.  Thank you!


Your son told you why he is delaying, but you missed it even though you repeated what he said. It isn't that he doesn't understand what baptism is for. Talking more about baptism won't encourage him to give his life to Christ. What he doesn't see is a need to be baptized. Since he is basically a good kid, he doesn't see any sins interfering with his going to heaven. People treat him as a Christian, though he hasn't entered the covenant. In other words, he doesn't see what will change by getting baptized.

He might be the type who needs to face a crisis before he realizes his true position before God and his very real need for a Savior.

So let him know that you look forward to the day he becomes a Christian. Teach him about life and making good moral decisions. Talk about when he becomes a Christian, as an eventually given fact, and not if he becomes a Christian. But realize that becoming a Christian is a personal commitment. You can't pressure him into making the correct choice.

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