If you call Joseph Smith a liar, then you are calling the prophets of the Bible liars too



I must protest your accusation that Joseph Smith was a liar. You have oversimplified the meaning of those passages of the Book of Mormon and others. Can you not see that during every conversation, the perspective of meaning changes? If you call Joseph Smith a liar, do you not also call several prophets and apostles of the Bible liars as well? The same types of discrepancies you view in the Mormon libraries exist the same way in the Bible itself.

I implore you to reconsider your view of these writings. Either you accuse the Bible along with the Book of Mormon, or there is another reason.



I have several sermon outlines and articles exposing the many fallacies of the Mormon religion. I'm not certain which one you are referring to. While it is easy to conclude that Joseph Smith lied from the evidence presented, there is no direct statement that Joseph Smith was a liar. Since you mentioned the quotes from the Book of Mormon, I narrowed it down to:

The idea that the writings of Joseph Smith and his followers are somehow equivalent to the inspired writings of the Bible is humorous. Yes, I can point out the flaws in Mormonism without impugning the reputation of the Bible because they are not the same. The Bible is proven to be from God. The writings of Joseph Smith contain sufficient evidence that they are not from God.

It is common for people to claim "you don't understand" when flaws are pointed out. But notice that you do nothing to clarify your point. I am left to conclude that this is because if you examined the evidence, you would open yourself up to doubts, so you choose to use vague disagreements that don't require formulating thoughtful arguments.

You also imply that I took words out of context, but in most of my quotes I took time to include enough of the context so that the original meaning could be determined. Yet, once again, you did not prove your point of a statement taken out of context. An accusation does not establish your point.

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