If Any of You Lacks Wisdom

by Terry Wane Benton

James speaks of the wisdom to see our trials as opportunities to perfect our faith and develop durability, endurance, or patience. We can choose to count it all joy, see how to grow deeper in faith, or we can let the trials beat us down and dishearten us to the point of quitting. The crown of life is promised to those who endure trials and temptations. It will take “wisdom from above” to see our trials as opportunities for spiritual growth (James 1:2-12). What you do with the trial is the measure of quality faith, durable faith, or the kind that gets choked with the cares of the world or has no depth to take the heat. Counting it all joy will take wisdom, but we can pray for that, and God will give it to people who are not double-minded. Make sure your faith is purely anchored in God and that you trust Him in your trials and challenges!

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