I was told I would marry the perfect lady, now I’ve been kicked out of my own flat


Hi Jeffrey,

Many years ago God told me at a revival that I'd meet my wife -- a perfect lady -- and that I would have a very good future. I was a young man in my twenties and that was 10 years ago. Several years ago I met my wife at a church service on a neighboring farm. I started dating my wife and we really and truly got along very well. She was very keen to move into the new farmhouse after we married, but she changed her mind after a few months telling me that financially farming isn't enough.

I went back into my career as a personal trainer to earn a bit more and it turned out that while I was at work at night she was having an affair. I was gone some weekends to the farm catching up with work there. The financial pressure grew so much and my wife's love grew so dim toward me. She ignored me. I helped her around the flat I rented in town. I did washing and cleaning. I really helped her. I bought her new furniture for the flat. Anyway, I tried really hard. She has a thyroid problem and I supported her through her illnesses and was patient. She emotionally broke me down by the things she said and done. She told me she can't get over her first husband. I was hurt. This is my first marriage and her second. She also has a young daughter I really took as my own child. She told me that she doesn't love me as a wife should. After months of praying and asking God for a breakthrough, nothing is happening. She kicked me out six months ago, and I still paid rent. I obviously married the wrong person, but it's been very traumatic.


Sadly, it appears you picked a woman whose focus was on wealth and material things. It sounds as if you've done everything you could and it appears your wife continues with her affairs. If you decide to end the marriage, it would be due to her adultery. Because of this, you would have a right to marry someone else after the divorce is final (Matthew 19:9).

Please understand that God has chosen not to speak through people today (Hebrews 1:1-2; I Corinthians 13:8-10). He gave His revealed word to all mankind and that is what we must heed. Whoever told you that you would meet a perfect woman was using your desire to tell you what you wanted to hear (II Timothy 4:3-4).



Thank you for ministering to me. I held onto that prophesy for many years. I am truly saddened but yet relieved that God will allow me to still marry another woman. For now, I will build up my cattle farming again and climb back into my horse saddle and enjoy what God has given me, I truly appreciate your time, and I thank you very much.

I thank the Lord for His love. Jeffrey, I pray that your church grows and grows and thank you for the Scripture. I was very low and depressed. I signed my agreement with my wife, the divorce papers are handed in. I'm giving her half of my hard-earned savings. I shouldn't really, but I will take two years to get back to where I am now in my savings, and it's OK. I am more well off than her because the Lord God is on my side, and my heart is very soft. I am paying a lump sum into my wife's account to cover her rent for six months. I have claimed nothing back from her.

Dad and I are tiling out our new farmhouse now and we are excited to carry on and one day I will meet a good down to earth lady who truly will love me. I feel very deeply hurt by this lady. I just pray for her salvation. I tried to lead her on the right path, but she chose not to accept God into her life. I tried.

Have a lovely day and thanks for your time, Jeffrey.

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