I took some vases without asking permission


I was out walking a few months ago in an area I don't normally live. One of the neighbors was selling their home and moving to a new home. They started to trash stuff and there were two beautiful vases that I admired so much. One day I took the vases thinking that they didn’t want them because I thought that they add completely left the resident. A couple of days later they came back and started to trash more stuff, but by then I had sent the vases home with my husband. I started to feel guilty. I told the person I was staying with that I was going to return them, but she said it was too late because they were going to think she stole them. Anyway, I let it go, but now that I have rededicated my life to the Lord it makes me still feel guilty; even though I know that I am forgiven, I still feel guilty. I don’t know where these people move to, so what can I do to release my guilt? Should I keep the items or trash them?


Because you took the vases without permission, you stole them. It would be best to anonymously send money to the owners that cover the cost of the vases plus some extra. Since you don't know where they moved to, contribute it to a charity, such as one that cares for victims of crimes.

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