I regret breaking up with my boyfriend. What should I do?


Many thanks for the comprehensive answers that you give to our questions. I had been dating my boyfriend for some time, but then I ended the relationship for some reasons and I told him my reasons. The reasons were a bit petty, but I still ended the relationship. Now I feel like I made a mistake. Should I approach him and ask him if we can still date or should I just wait for him to come back to me?


Honestly admitting that you made a mistake never hurts and you ought to do it whether he comes back to you or not. Few people think about the hurt that they cause to another person when they break up. When you are close to someone and they tell you that you are not adequate, it forms a deep wound.

But whether he wants to return to dating someone who is willing to break a relationship over petty things is really up to him. You can let him know you are available, but you should show him enough respect to allow him to make his own decision -- and then to respect that decision, whether you like it or not.


Many thanks for your response. I sent him an apology today and I feel some weight off my shoulder.

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