I learn a ton from your writings


In reference to It is getting hard not to have sex. I want to marry my boyfriend, but I don't want to give up my independence. Can we get married so we can have sex, but still live apart?

I just want to say - such good answers. Bless your heart! -- for

  1. taking the time to fully address what she was saying and asking and looking behind her words and addressing that as well and
  2. being so honest and straightforward and helping her to see behind her words and see the matter in a whole new, and biblical light and
  3. for putting it out there to the world for others to glean from.

It was something that normally only a kind and caring and wise relative would do. Yet such relatives are rare.

And this was only one such reply among many.

I learn a ton from your writings.

May God bless you richly!


Thank you. I do what I can for people and hope they and those reading the answers can grow from the application of the Scriptures.

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