I grew up in the church and was baptized. I got married and my husband was baptized as well after we were married a couple of years later. My husband left me, well abandoned me, and does not go to the church anymore. I have been studying Scriptures. I want to file for divorce, but I feel like that I will live in adultery and go to hell. We don't have any kids. My husband has left the church. Will I commit adultery if I divorce my husband? Or would it be like what Paul said in I Corinthians to live in peace and can I remarry?


If your husband left you and is having sex with someone else, then he is the one committing adultery and you can divorce him and marry again (Matthew 19:9).

If your husband left you and but is not having sex with anyone else, then a divorce will not allow you to remarry (I Corinthians 7:10-11). You have to remain unmarried until either you are reconciled or he passes away (Romans 7:2-3).

Divorcing a spouse who is not committing adultery can lead to that spouse wrongly believing they can marry again. Thus, a divorce can cause another person to stumble into adultery (Matthew 5:32).

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