I don’t think I’ve said “thank you” enough


I just wanted to drop a note about how much I appreciate the work you've done on the La Vista web site. I've taken advantage of it many times, but I don't think I've often enough said, "thank you." I don't feel like I've ever had a moment wasted when I come here for an answer, reading the articles you've put up, and especially learning from your responses to people how I myself can better handle the kinds of questions that come my way in the work. I cannot say I completely agree with everything I've found here, but even then I find your words and your usage of the Scriptures forcing me to deeply reconsider my thoughts and reasons behind every stance I take. This work has made me a better Christian, and I fear to think where I would be now without it. I thank you from one brother to another for these efforts, and I hope and pray that you may not be discouraged by all the complications that I'm sure to come with running such a web site. But just to have a place where people can come and ask questions of a learned man in the Word, and get a real answer ... well, we need that in the church. And I praise God for that exact thing which you have been able to do. May the grace of God be with you, always.


I really appreciate the kind words. On this end, I'm just doing what I can with the time God has allotted me. Answering the questions is beneficial to me. It keeps me in tune with what is happening in the world and it forces me to frequently delve into the Bible to find answers about things I doubt I would have thought about on my own.

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