How do I prove that Jesus exists and the Bible is true?


How do I prove to an atheist that Jesus exists and that every word in the Bible is true? He believes in "om" and the energy runs the world. That life is made of energy.


This person is not an atheist. An atheist does not believe in any higher being or force. The person you are talking to follows an eastern religion, such as Taoism or Buddhism, which claims that God is an impersonal and uncaring force.

That Jesus existed is a well-established historical fact. That Jesus continues to live is a matter of faith in what God teaches through the Bible. If you have someone who denies history, then you aren't going to get anywhere because this person doesn't care about facts, only his expectations. That same denial will be applied to everything you show him.

There is no evidence that everyone will accept. You are always going to find skeptics who will deny anything and everything. You will find dishonest people who deny the truth because it is the truth. The best you can do is show the evidence and see if a person will weigh that evidence honestly. See: Converting a Soul

For a discussion on Buddhism, see: Does Buddhism prove Jesus to be a myth? and Transcendental Meditation.

For Taoism see: Can I be an Episcopalian and a Taoist at the same time?

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