How can angels eat?


Dear Brother in Christ,

Can you please explain Genesis 18:8 where it says Abraham offered them a calf, curds, and milk and they ate.



Before Abraham meets the three strangers, we were told that the Lord appeared to Abraham (Genesis 18:1). As the story progresses, one of the men begins to be referred to as the Lord after he shows more knowledge than is humanly possible (Genesis 18:13). The man, who is already identified as the Lord, decides to tell Abraham about the upcoming destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 18:17). The other two men, who were with the Lord, continue on to Sodom as the Lord talks with Abraham (Genesis 18:22). These two men are then revealed to be angels when they arrive at Sodom (Genesis 19:1).

The Lord and the two angels ate the food Abraham gave them in Genesis 18:8. The two angels ate a meal in Lot's home (Genesis 19:3). There are times when angels refused to eat (Judges 13:16), but clearly they are able to do so. Recall also that Jesus ate on several occasions after his resurrection (Luke 24:43; John 21:12-15). The eating proves that these were occasions when God and His angels chose to be physically present in this universe and not dreams or illusions.

If God and His angels can be present in a physical form, then it should not be surprising that their physical form can eat.


Thank you for the clarification, brother.

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