God’s Name

by Netagene Kirkpatrick

I call the name of Jesus,
or Lord God when I pray.
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
are not by-words to say!

It bothers me to hear someone
who takes God’s Name in vain.
If I ever slip and do that,
I know I’ll be ashamed.

Some things are often cut,
like saying “Golly Gee!” –
It’s short for “God” and “Jesus”.
How can you speak so free!!!

Or “Jesus Christ!” you just blurt out.
I think, “What did you say???”
Why not use your own name,
rather than He who made the day?

Or “Jesus, Mary, Joseph!”
or sometimes “Holy Cow!”
Or sometimes “Lordy, Lordy!” –
The One to whom we bow!

I hear so often “Oh my God!”
or shorter: “O M G” –
A euphemism some things are,
slang for Deity!

So you profane the Almighty,
He who made us all!
What if such words are on your lips
just as Death comes to call?

The Word says to “judge rightly”;
it’s not me putting blame.
It’s not just wrong – it’s sinful,
to use God’s Name in vain.

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