God’s Compassion

Text: Psalms 58


I.         God has the absolute right to judge

            A.        Some get angry that He would dare to judge

            B.        But it is the righteous God who gets angry - Psalms 7:10-11

            C.        How can mankind who have shown repeated incidences of injustice sit in judgment on God? - Job 34:16-17

            D.        God sat in judgment on Israel - Isaiah 3:8-11

                        1.         The evil that result was due to their own sins.

                        2.         But notice that God separates the righteous from the wicked

II.        How do we respond?

            A.        We are warned not to take pleasure in the fall of the wicked - Proverbs 24:17-18

            B.        Abraham asking God to spare the righteous - Genesis 18:23-32

                        1.         Abraham did not argue that God had no right to judge, only that the righteous should not be treated like the wicked.

            C.        Jonah wanting Nineveh destroyed - Jonah 3:10-4:3, 11

            D.        James and John wanting to call down lightning - Luke 9:53-56

III.       With the right to judge is God’s right to show compassion or mercy

            A.        God gives people chances to repent - Acts 17:30-31

            B.        It is God’s kindness, tolerance, and patience that leads us to repentance - Romans 2:4

            C.        Repent so God can give times of refreshing - Acts 3:19

            D.        God doesn’t want anyone to perish - II Peter 3:9

            E.        He wants all saved - I Timothy 2:3-4

IV.      Why repent?

            A.        Because God’s wrath is against the wicked, so we must leave sin - Romans 2:5

            B.        All evil will be punished

            C.        But we must remember that we have all sinned - Romans 3:23

            D.        Habakkuk prayed that God would remember mercy in His wrath - Habakkuk 3:2

            E.        There is hope in God’s mercy - Romans 5:1-2

V.        Why doesn’t God do something about evil?

            A.        He has. He sent His Son - I John 4:10

            B.        Leaving sin (repentance) is how God can justly show compassion

                        1.         Some expect compassion without repentance, but it won’t happen - Ephesians 5:5-7

            C.        Whatever you might think about God’s judgment or His compassion it doesn’t change that God exists, that He has the right to judge and that He will destroy the wicked.

                        1.         In other words, repentance is not an option that someone does only if they agree with God.

            D.        Shall not the Judge of all the earth deal justly? - Genesis 18:25

                        1.         He has dealt justly. He does deal justly. He will deal justly.

                        2.         Do not think lightly on this matter - Romans 2:4-11

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