Does Science Refute the Bible?

I.       Satan throws doubt on the God's word through various means

          A.      "The early parts of Genesis are just a myth. Everyone knows that evolution has been proven."

          B.      Yet, evolution has never been proven. There exists more evidence to show that the evolution as described by Darwin cannot exist.

II.      Why is it important?

          A.      If the Bible is untrue in any part, then it castes doubt on the entire book.

                    1.       It claims to be from an infallible God.

                    2.       It claims to be God's own words - II Pet. 1:21

                    3.       It claims to be complete - II Tim. 3:16-17

          B.      If Genesis is untrue, then those who refer to it have been fooled or are liars!

                    1.       David, Jesus, Paul, and Peter all quote from the creation account.

                    2.       They base the principles of their teachings on the fact of the creation.

                              a.       Jesus explanation of divorce in Mt. 19:4-6

                              b.       Paul's explanation of women not to hold authority over men in I Tim. 2:12-15

          C.      Key teachings would be missing without Genesis 1-3

                    1.       Man has a soul

                    2.       The fact that men were without sin, but fell to it.

                    3.       The power of God

                    4.       The need for salvation

III.     What the Bible teaches about the beginning

          A.      Genesis 1:1-2 - A most powerful statement

                    1.       It refutes atheism, because the universe was created by God

                    2.       It refutes pantheism, for God transcends the created.

                    3.       It refutes polytheism, for one God created all things

                    4.       It refutes materialism, for matter had a beginning

                    5.       It refutes dualism, because God acted alone in the creation

                    6.       It refutes humanism, because God is the ultimate cause and not man.

                    7.       It refutes evolution, because God created all things

          B.      Job 38:1-11 - It is presumptious of man to declare what the beginning was like when we weren't there. Even our records (outside of the Bible) do not reach nearly back that far. There is no surviving eyewitness account.

          C.      Ps 19:1-6 - The universe shows God's glory. It is apparent to all.

          D.      Ps. 104:1-35 - God not only create this world, he made it beautifully and keeps it going.

IV.     What about the proofs offered for Evolution

          A.      There are so many arguments and responses that I will only cover a selection

          B.      The age of the world

                    1.       Haven't they just recently up the age of the world to 4 or 5 billion years?

                    2.       First notice that the "age" of the world has been increasing faster than time has gone by.

                    3.       The method generally quoted is radioactive dating

                              a.       A change of one element into another over time.

                                         (1)     Uranium to Lead

                                         (2)     Potassium to Argon

                              b.       Assumption 1: Radioactive decay is at constant rate. However, it has been shown that neutrinos alter the rate of decay.

                              c.       Assumption 2: Assume that all materials have not changed. Nothing was added, nothing removed. However, rainwater will leach uranium. Argon is a gas that freely moves through the earth's crust.

                              d.       Assumption 3: Initially, what is being decayed into did not exist. (i.e. no lead, no argon). However, if the world was created this would not be a valid assumption! No way to prove.

                              e.       Assumption 4: Conservation of energy. The decay proceeds as observed and not into other material.

                              f.       Note that only the last assumption is true!

                              g.       Few radioisotomic ages matches the geological ages.

                              h.       Discrepancies are seldom published (instead they are discarded, assuming they are incorrect).

                    4.       There are other dating methods:

                              a.       C14/C12 - Estimate that it would take 30,000 years to reach a steady state. It is not at a steady state, but using an equation to measure the rate of change, the age of the world would be about 10,000 years!

                              b.       Decay of the Earth's magnetic field - 10,000 years.

                              c.       Influx of meteorite dust (as on the moon) - too small to measure

                              d.       Growth of the human population - 4,000 years

                              e.       Influx of uranium into the ocean via rivers 10,000 to 100,000 years

                              f.       Influx of sediment to the ocean - 30,000 years

                              g.       Erosion of sediment form the continents 14,000,000 years

                              h.       Leaching of sodium from the continents 32,000,000 years

                              i.        Leaching of chlorine from the continents - 1,000,000 years

                              j.        etc. etc.

                    5.       The bulk show the world is relatively young!

          C.      What about the fossils

                    1.       The fossils have shown no transitory forms!

                    2.       They have consistently shown a distinction between different species.

                    3.       What about the progression series, like the horse series

                              a.       The fossils come from different continents.

                              b.       They do not come from progressively younger layers of earth

                              c.       They do not show a progression in features, other than size. Example, the number of ribs varies widely.

          D.      Ever seen the geological column? The only place it exists in the world is in textbooks. If all the layers existed, then the depth would be 100 miles! The tallest place on earth is only 5 Miles high.

                    1.       In Glacier National Park, "old" rock is under "young" rock. But in the Appalachian Mountains, the same "young" rock is on top of the "old" rock!

                    2.       The books show distinctive layers, but such doesn't exist in the world. Most of the world has gradual transitions.

                    3.       The type of minerals in each "layer" doesn't change. All layers are composed of the same types of minerals.

                    4.       There exists fossils that cut through layers.

                    5.       The age of layers are determined by the fossils found and the fossils found are used to date the layers!

          E.      While evolution contends that life developed gradually or in abrupt series, it is unable to explain how most biological systems developed

                    1.       To develop by “survival of the fittest” each intermediary form must be fully functional

                    2.       Each intermediary form must be better than the prior.

                    3.       But there are numerous systems which are not reducible. They are formed of many parts each of which is dependent on the other parts in order to function.

                              a.       Example: blood, blood clotting, reproduction, the nervous system

                              b.       Each is made of numerous parts

                              c.       Each part is unable to function without the existence of other parts. Often by themselves they would be a detriment instead of an improvement

                    4.       Even the simplest life forms, such as bacteria when examined in detail are unimaginably complex

V.      We could go on and on! The evidence against evolution is extremely large.

          A.      But it is ignored because of what it implies

          B.      If the world didn't evolve, then it is likely that God created it.

          C.      If God created the world, then we need to listen to this being.

          D.      This means that the Bible could be God's own words!

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