Do you think that everything you believe is right?


I have two questions.

First off, which version of the Bible do you use and why?

Secondly, I am going to tread carefully here so as not to offend you and I mean no offense in asking this but, do you think that everything, every doctrine you believe is right? I think that there is a difference between believing there is stronger Biblical evidence for something over something else and believing that without a shadow of a doubt it is right. I personally think it would be pretty arrogant to think that every doctrine you believe is right and everyone else who believes differently is wrong. Again I am not trying to offend you, only inquiring.


I tend to use the New King James Version in my studies and the New American Standard when I preach. As to why see: Which Translation Should I Use?

If I believe that something I am teaching is not correct, then I would change my teaching. Thus, I believe that what I am teaching is correct. I might be wrong, but when I discover I had made a mistake, I change. This is not arrogance, it is simple logic. It would be foolish to teach principles that you were not confident that you were right about regardless of the subject matter.

When two people disagree, then either one of them is right, or both of them are wrong. What cannot exist is both of them being right. When someone disagrees, the facts need to be examined. Who believes what doesn't matter. A person follows where the evidence leads. Yet what you usually find are people who demand that you change your view simply because they don't like what you believe. They only assert their position without convincing evidence, nor will they tolerate their position being examined. "You can't judge me!" That too is foolishness.

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