Do you think committees are necessary when there are no elders or deacons?



Thanks for the enlightening content on your site.

I read the answer you gave to a question that was about creating committees to carry out tasks for a congregation. You said it was wrong because when the need arose in the early church, deacons were appointed and elders also have their roles.

How about in a congregation where there are no elders or deacons, don't you think these committees are necessary?

Thanks in advance for your answer.


No, I don't think forming committees to make decisions on behalf of a local church is necessary or authorized. Decisions were made by the whole church (Acts 6:5; 15:22). When someone was appointed to represent the church in the carrying out of specific tasks, qualified men (called deacons) were appointed. If a congregation has sufficient men to divide up tasks into committees then most likely they have sufficient qualified men to be appointed as deacons.

In smaller churches, there may be a need to make an improvement to the place they are meeting. It is common to ask one or two men to look into the options and present them to congregation so that a decision can be made. But these tasks are temporary and the final decision is still done by the church.

Show respect for the Lord by organizing the congregation in the way the Lord designed the church (Ephesians 4:11).


Well understood. Thank you for the clarification. I will share this with some of our brethren over here and see what they think.

God bless you

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