Concern About Biblical Authority

by Doy Moyer

Why be concerned about biblical authority? For this one simple reason: "Your God reigns!" (Isaiah 52:7). If we aren't concerned about authority, then we place ourselves in God's position of reigning. It really is just that simple. Jesus is Head (Colossians 1:18). We aren't.

Does stressing authority mean we don't think grace plays any role in salvation? That would be a ludicrous jump to assume such. Just bear this in mind: grace can only come from One who has the authority to give it. Otherwise, grace is not really grace at all, but a false hope. Pitting authority and grace against each other results in both a graceless and headless religion, regardless of what else is being professed in the name of Christ.

Does stressing authority mean that we believe we are saved by law? Again, that's an unwarranted jump. It means that we are stressing that salvation can only come from One who has the power to give it and that we need to listen to what He teaches.

What's the alternative? When we quit stressing authority, we quit stressing the Kingship, Lordship, and Headship of the One who came to save us by His grace. Once we do that, we have, ironically, entered into a situation in which we think that our own wisdom and power justifies us -- even while saying God is the One who saves.

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