Can a wedding include cultural singers and dancers?


Good day sir!

A minister of the Lord's church made a post claiming that it is a sin to invite cultural singers and dancers to a wedding ceremony. He quoted the verse which says "in words or deeds do all in the name of the Lord." With this, he claims there's no authority for inviting, listening to, or allowing our native cultural (tribal) singers to perform at wedding ceremonies. I find this difficult to reconcile with the Scripture. What does the bible say?


If you are having trouble reconciling this with the Scriptures, then you must have passages in mind that contradict what the preacher claimed. I suspect that you are having trouble reconciling the preacher's position with your own thoughts on the matter.

Yes, we are to do all things with the Lord's authority. But what is at issue is not whether there is singing or dancing at the wedding but whether those things are promoting proper Christian behavior. Are the song speaking of wholesome things? Are they promoting God's view of the world or are they giving praise to false gods? Are the dancers properly dressed? Are the dances ones of joy or are they expressing sexual themes and improper movements between men and women?

We don't hold on to practices or reject practices simply because they are traditional. We look at everything that we do under the lens of Christ's teaching and eliminate those things that are sinful.

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