Biblical Infallibility: The Bible’s Claims for Itself

Text: Deuteronomy 31:24-29


I.         A.        When talking about whether we can trust the Bible or not, it may seem strange to turn to the very book we are considering.

            B.        We want to show that it is not a optional belief.

            C.        The Bible claims to be infallible. If it is not in all cases, then the whole book is not inspired.

II.        What the Bible claims:

            A.        All scripture is God-breathed - II Timothy 3:16

                        1.         It comes directly from God.

                        2.         It encompasses the entire Bible.

            B.        The scriptures are permanent.

                        1.         John 10:35 - The scriptures cannot be broken. Cannot be found false.

                        2.         Matthew 5:18 - The law would not pass away until it's purpose was fulfilled.

                        3.         Matthew 24:35 - Jesus' words would out last this universe.

            C.        The scriptures are the revelation of God

                        1.         Hebrews 3:7 - Quotes Psalms 95:7-11 and attributes it to the Holy Spirit

                        2.         Matthew 22:43 - David in the Spirit wrote Psalms 110:1

                        3.         II Peter 1:19-21 - Prophecies came from God, not man

                        4.         Consider how often the writers say “Thus says the Lord” or “the word of the Lord came to me saying ...”

            D.        The very words of God were given to the prophets to speak

                        1.         Exodus 24:3-4 - Moses wrote all that God said

                        2.         Jeremiah 1:9 - God put his words in Jeremiah's mouth

                        3.         I Corinthians 2:13 - The apostles spoke in words that the Spirit taught

            E.        God cannot lie

                        1.         Titus 1:2 - God cannot lie

                        2.         Numbers 23:19 - Unlike man, God keeps his word

            F.        God's people are not to lie

                        1.         Exodus 20:16 - A part of the Ten Commandments

                        2.         Ephesians 4:25 - Put away lying

                        3.         Revelation 21:8 - Liars will go to Hell

                        4.         While men may ignore God and lie, the followers of God will try not to. These are the men God used to reveal his word.

III.       The Scriptures were not limited to just the current generation

            A.        Law was to be read every seven years - Deuteronomy 31:9-13

            B.        Words will condemn future generations when they go astray - Deuteronomy 31:24-29

            C.        Written so future generations may praise God - Psalms 102:18

            D.        A permanent record - I Peter 1:22-25

            E.        Delivered once for all - Jude 3

IV.      What Jesus said about the Scriptures

            A.        Jesus was God in the flesh - John 1:1,14

                        1.         We can trust him since God cannot lie.

                        2.         Jesus believed in the absolute integrity of the Old Testament

            B.        The scriptures were of divine origins

                        1.         Matthew 22:43 - Jesus said David was inspired.

                        2.         Matthew 4 - Jesus rebuked Satan with the scriptures say of them "It is written..."

                        3.         Frequently Jesus refers to the scriptures with the phrases "the Sprit says", "God says", "hear the words of the Lord."

            C.        Even minute matters were important

                        1.         Matthew 5:18 - Not a jot or a tittle would pass away

                        2.         A small incident in Solomon's life shows the condemnation of the Jews - Matthew 12:42

                        3.         Luke 17:27 - The flood was important

                        4.         Luke 17:32 - What happened to Lot's wife was important

                        5.         The very wording was important to Paul - Galatians 3:16. And people sometimes think we are picky!

            D.        No doubt is ever expressed that the Scriptures are true

            E.        The Scriptures cannot be broken- John 10:35

V.        The New Testament is included in Scripture

            A.        Paul wrote the commandments of the Lord - I Corinthians 14:37

            B.        To reject the message was to reject God - I Thessalonians 4:2,8

            C.        I Timothy 5:18 - Notice two quotes from Scripture

                        1.         The first is from Deuteronomy 25:4

                        2.         The second is from Luke 10:7

            D.        Paul’s writings are called Scripture - II Peter 3:15-16

VI.      We are not done yet

            A.        Just because something claims to be true doesn't make it so.

            B.        Many false teachers claim to have truth, but they don't have it.

            C.        We need to see if the Bible measures up to its own claims.

            D.        Are we convinced that God has given His revelation to mankind to save them from their sins?

                        1.         James 1:21 - Able to save your souls

                        2.         II Timothy 3:15 - For salvation

            E.        Next time we will look at the arguments against the Bible in detail

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