Good morning minister,

I have a question that has been troubling my heart. Prophecies came concerning my fiancee and me that we both don't have any issue but if we marry there'll be a great situation that'll be ahead of us that might lead to us regretting our union. None of them gives us a way out, they only suggest we break up. The words are so heavy on us because we are both Christians and we believe God speaks through His servants, but we also believe prophecies are not greater than the Word of God and every prophet see in part. We are both ready to see this through with prayers and fasting because we really love each other. But they are telling us that we are disobeying God's word by wanting to proceed.

I just want to ask are we indeed disobeying God or just standing on the convictions we have?

I'll be glad to get a reply soon, minister.  I'm grateful.


I don't know if I can help you since you and your fiancee have already decided that prophecy continues despite God stating that prophecy ended nearly 2,000 years ago. See What is your proof that prophecy has ended?

What these false prophets have done is give you a vague "prediction" that could fit just about any situation. Guess what? Any married couple will go through periods of difficulties. It isn't easy for two individual to mold their lives into a single new family. There are always going to be times where one or both of you will wonder if the effort is worth it or if you should have looked for someone else. The successful marriages overcome these doubts and solve the problems.

But because the false prophets gave you a vague prediction about common occurrences, you will spend your time wondering "Is this the event that the prophet claimed would happen?" Every hardship becomes harder because you won't be as interested in overcoming the problems. Thus, by paying attention to the false prophecy, you make it more likely for it to happen because you will make it happen.

If you look at the true prophecies in the Bible, you will find that the things predicted are things a person can't cause to happen. You can't make the sun stand still, or name a ruler 300 years from now who will make a major change in the world. Even if you tried to make such things happen, you would fail. You don't see the true prophets in the Bible making vague statements that could come true in multiple ways. True prophets relayed claims from God that seemed impossible and yet did end up happening.

My advice? Leave the false religion you are a part of and find the true church which follows the Bible as written. Marry the woman you love and be prepared to work on overcoming the various obstacles you are bound to face, just like every other couple.


Wow! I'm grateful, minister. We'll work with this.

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