Any suggestions for material to teach young people?


I read your article on whether boys and girls swimming together was ok or not. I saw it referenced in one of your last posts. I have been explaining a little bit about watching TV shows and listening to certain music or I should say lyrics to songs how it numbs our feelings and we become ok with it. And I saw in the swimming answer that you had some verses about after seeing and doing sin for so long you basically come numb to it. I was wondering if you have more verses on that or a page where you refer to that issue or not. If you do that be sweet. I would love to use it for my kids.

I was wondering if you have any suggestions or anything on the website that might help with my mentoring the kids.  Any advice or anything of the sort would be awesome. God's blessed me with these kids and they have a desire that needs to be filled with God. It's going to be awesome to see them grow.


Let me recommend two studies: Moral Principles for Young People and The Lord Your God is an Awesome God!

In the first study, there are several lessons on sin, but the lesson titled "How Much Does Sin Weigh?" would be particularly useful in discussing the numbing effect of sin. The lessons are designed to start with a short story that can be used to generate a discussion. There is a page of starter questions and a long list of verses. There is no particular order because the intent is that the discussion flow in its own natural order. Thus you should study all the verses in advance and know which ones would apply to which topic. Then as the topics come up, you can turn over to the appropriate verses to make a point. The lessons are each independent and can be given in any order.

The second study was designed to give teenagers (and adults) a greater appreciation of the God whom they serve. Knowing the nature of God, we are better able to understand the reasons for His commands.

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