And Then I Prayed

by Forrest D. Moyer
Sentry Magazine, March 2002

I really thought there were material things in this life that were important. I saw people living in luxurious furnishings. I saw their fine cars and their exclusive clothing. That seemed important, for a moment at least. Then I saw something else. I saw that so many who had all these things were living empty lives. I saw them grasping for some measure of happiness. I saw them looking into the bottle to give them some relief from their worried business deals. I saw them involved in extramarital affairs to bring them to "completeness." I saw all of this in the lives of people who worked in the office where I worked. Then I looked at humble, dedicated Christians -- members of the congregation where I preached. I saw the genuine joy and rich fulfillment that was evident in that new convert. And then I prayed ... "O God, forgive me for my longings for the material things in life! Forgive me for my envy of the unrighteous and their possessions ... ! O God, help me to be like that newborn Christian in being totally happy in my relationship with You. Make me a simple servant of Yours."

I watched a child at play. He had no worries about what he would eat, what he would wear, or where he would live. He had a father and mother who he knew would care for him. He was so contented and happy. And then then I prayed ... "O God, make me like that little child. Help me always to remember that, I, too, have a father who will provide all I will ever need if I seek Him and His will first. Help me to be like that little child in contentment and peace of mind. Help me to always have the trust in my heavenly Father that he has in his father. O God, make me like that little child."

I sometimes wonder if my life should be a life of preaching. I thought maybe I should go some other way. But I looked about me and saw the crying need for the word to be taught to sinners mid saints alike. And then I prayed ... "O God, help me to see the fields that are white unto harvest. Help me to know that my lot in life is to preach and teach your word. Help me to do the work of an evangelist, to make full proof of my ministry. Help me to be content in whatever financial state I am in."

I believe in the power of prayer. God truly hears my petitions. I am content with my station in life. I have all and abound. I have no compulsion for what the world has to offer. I have the riches of His mercy. I have the forgiveness of sins. I have the hope of heaven. And I have sufficient for living in this world! I would not exchange the pulpit for a throne! I looked at all this ... And then I prayed ... "O God, don't let me become arrogant with these blessings. Please help me to be humble before you 'all the days of my life! Help me to realize that someday I can exchange my life for a heavenly crown. O Lord, I love you so. Help me to show it every day that I live."

Note: Brother Moyer submitted this article before he passed away. He's made his exchange.

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