Your website led me back to Christ after twenty years


I wanted to send a personal email and thank you for your teachings on your website.  I was a member of the church of Christ my entire life.  In my middle 20s, I was briefly married and divorced with the cause not being adultery.  My ex-spouse went to prison for a felonious crime.  I lost self-control and turned my back on God and remarried in an adulterous covenant for years.  My life had many ups and downs for years resulting in another divorce and a second adulterous marriage.

I am now in my mid-forties and learned recently that my original, true wife (the one bound to me by God) had recently passed away.  I researched your website and gained valuable knowledge of divorce and remarriage in how it relates to the Bible.  Keep in mind that I have not attended services for over 20 years.  By chance, my current spouse was divorced from in the past from her ex-spouse because he committed adultery.  She divorced him before she ever met me.

I met with elders from a local church of Christ with a thorough examination of my past life events, current marriage, and the need to be restored back to God.  I recently came forward in repentance of my past ways and my current spouse is seeking knowledge to become a member of the church of Christ as she was never baptized and now understands the value of salvation.  This is a new developing situation for both of us.

I want to thank you for the knowledge and teachings I researched on your website which was the catalyst to initiate my repentance to come back to the Lord in the church.  One thing I learned as a sinner while I was away from the church was a hardened heart can lead to a very poor attitude causing other sins to follow and build up in one's life.  I was an adulterer, reviler, felt wrath with short patience among others, and abused nicotine. I really felt sad in my life once I understood how far away I was from God over having a calloused heart.  I spent many late hours drinking coffee, reading your teachings, and trying to understand the impact it had on my life and how God can help to restore one's faith.

I thank you for making a difference in my life.


It is notes like this one that thrill my heart. Thank you for sharing your story. I'm glad you found the website useful in your restoration.

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