Your question and answer on homosexuality really helps



I just wanted to say that I appreciate the Q&A section of your website, which I found today during a google search for church of Christ responses to homosexuality.  Because many of my friends are gay, and those who aren't are non-Christian and, therefore, supportive of the gay equality movement, I am trying to educate myself about the scriptures that address this.  Not because I have any doubts, but because I'm not the best at thinking on my feet during a discussion.  Anyway, your answers (particularly in Is homosexuality condemned in the Scriptures?) were very helpful, especially the explanations of translated words.  I realize most of the people I know who would challenge me on this are too belligerent in their hearts to truly desire change - they aren't struggling with their lifestyle, they are glorifying it - I figure it's worth a shot.


I'm glad you found the material useful. Let me recommend Don't you dare change my mind, but why is homosexuality bad? This contains arguments against homosexuality for someone who doesn't accept the Bible as God's Word.


Thank you. I did read through this as well. It is amazing how people blind themselves to the truth in order to justify their beliefs and lifestyle. But I remind myself I did the same thing before I made it to the church of Christ.

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