Your explanation of the friend zone helped greatly


Thanks for your answer "If you become best friends, isn't there a danger of the girl not wanting to marry you because she only sees you as a friend or a brother?" The "friend zone" is one of the questions I have had on my mind for the longest time.

You answered it in a very clear and easy to understand way.  I am in my forties and have frequently in the last few years found myself in the "friend zone."  The conventional worldly view I heard is that I developed too much rapport with a woman before attraction was created resulting in the friend zone, when in fact she wants someone "perfect" who makes her feel a very certain way.

In my 20's I was clueless on a lot of things, and in my 30's I was dealing with unemployment and the finances that go with it. In the last few years, I got my life back together and am looking for a woman, but I keep hitting a brick wall with the "friend zone" issue.  But at least I understand it a lot better and from a Christian viewpoint too.

Thanks again.


A pleasure to be of service.

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