Your debate regarding demonic possession was just what I was looking for



I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your argument regarding demonic possession on the website.  I wanted to reply to a post on Facebook which was posted by one of my good friends. He posted a video of, I believe, a Roman Orthodox priest casting out a demon from a young woman. I wanted to know who says what out there regarding modern-day possession and how legitimate it was. Coincidentally,  I stumbled upon your church's website and that long debate between you and someone else. I'd like to say, you nailed it!

I was surprised to see that the link I found had to do with a church of Christ. I was searching on Google for just what is out there without relating it to me or what church I am a member of and it eventually boomeranged back to my church's views.

My father is a preacher in the church of Christ. Unfortunately, we are a minority here, with just 45 members after over 30 years of existence. With Roman Catholic and Orthodox having the most followers in the region, it is difficult for us to express and spread the true word of God and His gospel. Therefore, we are constantly facing people challenging us on matters, such as demonic possession and other topics. So it refreshing to find articles like the one I stumbled upon. I just want to say thank you for your hard work in this sensitive and frightening matter.


I'm glad you found the website useful in your studies.

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