You should make videos answering important questions for teen boys



I wanted to email you because I have a few things to say.
  1. I’m looking at these other questions from young men my age and I’m wondering “OK, do we need to stop as a society and talk more about these things?”
  2. We need to openly discuss these important issues. Your site is the only site that I find that’s really talking about this.
  3. Can you make some YouTube videos or something that can talk about this? It’s like a lot of people are in the dark trying to figure things out and they are longing for wisdom.
  4. Of course, the Bible and prayer are things that guide us.
  5. These questions seemed to be rooted in curiosity, fear, and obsessive thinking. The obsession is whatever the topic is and the compulsion is to seek reassurance.
  6. It’s a good idea to talk more about these problems.
Maybe you should make a book called “The Teen Guy’s Guide to The Hidden Questions.”


Thank you for writing. I haven't made videos mostly because it isn't the way I process information. I rather have things written down where they can be researched, easily quoted, and easily indexed by search engines. But I definitely understand that the younger generations seem to gravitate toward video presentations. I'll keep your suggestion in mind.

In regards to issues you would like to see discussed, you need only let me know what questions are on your mind. There is a whole site dedicated just to the questions asked by teenage boys at Growing Up in the Lord for Boys.

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