Why would a prophet tell my mother to bathe me?


Good morning sir,

I saw your counseling online and I immediately felt at peace, so I felt I should ask for your advice sir. Some weeks ago, my grandmother’s prophet of a celestial church came to the house and asked my mum to bathe me as she would a child. He said it was done wrong and my mum should do it again, with baby soap, cream oil, and everything a baby uses. Afterward, I should be taken to an eatery and she should buy sweet things for me. On the way back, she is to ask me what I have for her. It sounded very strange to me. He also said that this is not the real me or so that this is not my actual spirit or something. He also mentioned that my boyfriend is temporary and hasn’t done anything tangible for me since we’ve been dating. He seems like a time waster. But to me, my boyfriend isn’t any of those things. He doesn’t have much but still does his best for me, and he’s a good guy.

The whole bathing thing doesn’t seem harmful so I don’t know if I should do it or not. A part of me is telling me to do it just to see because the prophet said it will unlock a lot of things for me. Another part of me doesn’t think it makes sense. What do I do?


Your grandmother is listening to a false prophet. See Prophets Today? Think Again! Notice that the man did not actually state anything. He gave vague indications that something might happen when some silly, harmless stunts are done. He also proved himself false by giving warnings about your boyfriend (again vague statements) that you know are not true.

I would advise you to ignore him. If you attend this so-called church, I recommend that you find a real church that actually follows the Lord and His teachings in the Bible.


Thank you, sir. I really appreciate your advice. God bless you, sir.

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