Why Water?

Text: John 3:1-12


I.         Jesus stated that unless one is born of water and the spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of heaven - John 3:5

            A.        We understand, despite efforts by many to avoid it, that Jesus refers to baptism when he said one must be born of water

            B.        Today, I would like to consider “Why water?”

            C.        What is it about water that makes it representative of becoming a Christian

II.        The Character of Water

            A.        It is abundant

                        1.         Water is so abundant on this planet that it is easily taken for granted

                        2.         We drink it, bathe in it, swim in it, generate electricity with it, grow things with it, etc.

                        3.         We find it in liquid form, solid form, and gaseous form - Job 36:26-29

                        4.         We can marvel at the weather - Job 37:5-20

                        5.         When Christ commanded that disciples be made from all nations through baptism, the availability of water is rarely an issue - Matthew 28:19-20

            B.        It refreshes

                        1.         We don’t have to work long, especially in the heat of summer before we are thinking of water. How refreshing it feels when our tongue feels like sandpaper!

                        2.         Thus Jesus’ agony on the cross - John 19:28

                        3.         David was battling the Philistines and while relaxing in a cave thought longingly of water from a particular well - II Samuel 23:15

                                    a.         Unfortunately Bethlehem was currently being held by the Philistines

                                    b.         But three of David’s men overheard him and stole into the camp just to get him water from that well - II Samuel 23:16-17

                        4.         A mark of kindness - Matthew 10:42

                        5.         Our physical thirst represents our spiritual thirst for truth - Psalm 63:1

                                    a.         The spreading of truth becomes a well-spring - Isaiah 35:6-7

                                    b.         What Jesus offered was truth that would always be available - John 4:13-14

                                    c.         When explaining the need for salvation, one must repent and be converted to experience refreshment - Acts 3:19

                                    d.         Souls eager to be refreshed in the presence of God will submit to His will - Acts 2:38-39

                        6.         A representation of heaven - Revelation 22:1-2

            C.        It cleanses

                        1.         After a long day of hot, sweaty work a long shower or bath feels so good. Removing the sweat and grime cleanses the body and it makes you feel like a new person.

                        2.         Cleanses was an important part of the Old Law

                                    a.         Water of purification was used after a person became unclean - Numbers 19:19-20

                                    b.         The priests had to wash before serving God - Exodus 30:18-20

                        3.         Such physical cleanses represented the spiritual need to be cleansed from sin

                                    a.         Wash yourselves clean by ceasing to do evil - Isaiah 1:16

                                    b.         Whiter than snow - Psalm 51:2, 7-10

                                    c.         In speaking of the salvation of mankind through Jesus - Zechariah 13:1

                        4.         Baptism in water represents that - I Peter 3:21

                                    a.         Wash away sins - Acts 22:16

                                    b.         Washing of regeneration (new birth) - Titus 3:5

                                    c.         A new life - Romans 6:3-4

                                    d.         Only in this way can we draw near to God - Hebrews 10:22

            D.        It is essential to life

                        1.         All life on this planet requires water.

                        2.         The human body is about 75% water. We cannot survive without it.

                                    a.         It is needed for circulation, digestion, respiration, temperature regulation, waste removal, and so much more.

                                    b.         We can go without food for a while, but we cannot go without water.

                        3.         Water has been involved in saving people

                                    a.         Noah was saved from the corruption of the world - I Peter 3:20

                                    b.         Israel was saved from the corruption of Egypt - I Corinthians 10:1-4

                        4.         It should not be surprising that this essential element is used to represent salvation in the New Testament - Mark 16:16

                                    a.         Romans 6:3-7 - freed from the bondage of sin

III.       God has blessed us with abundant water

            A.        Though there might be periods of difficulty, no one need die of a lack of water.

            B.        With the gospel abundantly available to all men, there is no need for any to die a spiritual death either

            C.        As the eunuch observed - Acts 8:36-38

            D.        What about you?

Based on “Water” by Wayne Greeson

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