Why is “God” in Jonah 1:6 in lower case in some translations?


Jonah 1:6 in NKJV & ASV show referring to God as "God." The captain told Jonah to pray to his God. But in the NASB it refers to the Lord God Jehovah as "god."

Is this a typo with the printer? Why would the NASB show this?  Could it be that the captain was referring to Jonah's God as common as they were to pray to their individual gods?


Capitalization is a translator's choice. The word in the verse is the one for "god" whether an idol or the true God. Since the captain would not have been a believer in the one true God, the NASB translators chose to use the lower case to show that clearly. The other translators chose to use the upper case "God" because knowingly or not, he was referring to the one true God.

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