Why do you use a capital “C” in “church”?


I noticed your website and church sign used a capital C on "church."  This practice is opposed by every church of Christ I have ever known.  Why is it OK or not OK?


Yes, there has been a fad among Christians to use a lowercase "c" in the names of churches. However, it breaks the grammar rules for English. See: Capitalization in Titles 101 [GrammarCheck]. Thus, when you speak of the church of Christ that is in La Vista, it is proper to use a lowercase "c," but when you refer to the name of the group, the La Vista Church of Christ, "church" is supposed to be capitalized.

The sign in front of the building originally said: "La Vista Church of Christ" but the sign was too big, so they decided to remove the "La Vista" part to match the city's rules.

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