Why Do People Die?

by Jeffrey W. Hamilton


I.         God warned Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of one particular tree - Genesis 2:15-17

            A.        Yet despite the warning, both Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit.

            B.        As a result, death then entered the world - Genesis 3:19

                        1.         Because man had sinned, he was forbidden access to the tree of life - Genesis 3:22-24

                        2.         It was not proper for a sinner to live eternally

II.        We all sin, so we all die - Romans 5:12-14

            A.        None of us are guilty of eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but we all sin in our own ways - Romans 3:23

            B.        Even those who are innocent of sin, such as small children, may die because others have sinned.

            C.        Once the doors to sin and death were opened, they could not be closed by man.

III.       In our world, the average life span is 70 to 80 years - Psalm 90:7-12

            A.        Mankind just doesn’t understand God’s anger at sin.

                        1.         Death continues because man continues in sin.

                        2.         Our short lives are a reminder of our failings

            B.        Knowing the wrath of God, we need to make the most of the short time that we have - II Corinthians 5:10-11

                        1.         Assume someone gave you $29,000.

                                    a.         It seems like a lot of cash.

                                    b.         But then you are told that is all you will ever receive

                                    c.         Suddenly, it doesn’t seem nearly such a large sum.

                        2.         The psalmist asks that we learn to number our days.

                                    a.         Let us assume you will live to the ripe age of 80, that means you will have about 29,200 days to spend.

                                    b.         Oh, but we have already spent a portion of that

                                                (1)       If you are 15, you have already spent 5,500 days

                                                (2)       If you are 25, you have already spent 9,100 days

                                                (3)       If you are 35, you have already spent 12,700 days

                                                (4)       If you are 55, you have already spent 20,000 days

                                    c.         What have you done with the days allotted to you?

                        3.         Joab once sent a wise woman to persuade David not to hold a grudge against Absalom.

                                    a.         In some ways, the advice was poor because Absalom was allowed to return without repentance which led to further sins.

                                    b.         Yet, there is a nugget of truth - II Samuel 14:14

                                                (1)       Once our days are spent, there is no way to restore them.

                                                (2)       While we have days to spend, there is still hope

                                                (3)       God wants us to change - II Peter 3:9

            C.        We shall not pass this way again

                        1.         We last like a flower in the dry winds of a drought - Psalm 103:15-16

                        2.         We do not leave a lasting impression in this world - Psalm 78:37-39

                        3.         We are just a vapor that vanishes away - James 4:14, 17

                                    a.         Therefore, we cannot pass up opportunities to do what is right.

            D.        Make the most of your limited time

                        1.         Ephesians 5:15-17 - Redeem the time

                        2.         Colossians 4:5 - Make the most of every opportunity

IV.      The necessity of death

            A.        It is very easy to get wrapped up in only what you know.

                        1.         People stay in abusive situations often because they have come to accept it

                        2.         They have no hope for anything better

            B.        Though this world has started out very good in God’s sight, sin has corrupted it.

                        1.         It is decaying - physically and spiritually - Hebrews 1:10-12

                        2.         We to are decaying - II Corinthians 4:7-12, 16

            C.        We cannot enter a better life until we leave this life

                        1.         John 12:24-26 - Jesus knew his death had meaning.

                                    a.         Where would we be if Jesus had not died?

                                    b.         In the same way, if we put life in this world as our top priority, we will miss true life.

                        2.         This body is decaying, who would want to keep it? - I Corinthians 15:36-37, 42-44

V.        Yet, what sprouts is what is planted

            A.        Matthew 7:16-18 - What we harvest is based on what we plant

            B.        We reap what is sown - Galatians 6:7-8

            C.        How we live this short life will be reflected in how our eternal life is lived - Romans 8:5-14

            D.        One day death will be conquered and destroyed - I Corinthians 15:20-26

                        1.         But when death is conquered, this mortal life will come to an end

            E.        Hebrews 9:27 - Everyone must die sometime, so what will sprout from this seed of mine?

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