Why are there multiple churches near each other?


I hope you are well. I'm writing to you to ask a question about unity.

The Bible speaks about unity and that his people should be united, but why are there so many churches of Christ in one city? I live in a small town with a population of 4,000 people, and there are two churches of Christ in close proximity to one another. I don't believe in a white or black congregation so it really bothers me that these congregation aren't worshipping together. From my understanding there's no scriptural split it's just they worship over here and we worship over there. I believe so much can get done for the Lord if we come together. Do I just accept it for what it is or encourage the congregations to be united and worship together? One of these congregation doesn't have elders while the other does have elders.


You would have to ask the congregations why they are not combining their efforts. I have known of congregations that started long ago -- before modern cars and modern roads. In those days, the congregations were a fair distance apart regarding travel time, but today, the travel time is minor. However, people become entrenched in their traditions and their buildings. In other places, there was a disagreement over some matter that led to the start of a new congregation. Even though the disagreeing parties are no longer alive and no one remembers what the dispute was about, the people have become entrenched in their traditions and their buildings. Sometimes, the split was due to improper practices or behavior (such as racism). While those problems were resolved and no longer occur, the people become entrenched in their traditions and their buildings.

I guess the answer is the stubbornness of people who are unwilling to let go of what they know to gain something greater. People seem to be fine with others joining them, but they are unwilling to be the ones joining someone else.

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