Which congregation should I have my membership at?


Hello Jeffrey,

Thank you for your excellent work on the La Vista Church of Christ website. Over the years, I have learned very much from your sermons and the question-and-answer section posed there.

I am writing because an elder asked me to choose to be a member of the congregation that meets where is an elder or the one where I currently have my membership. I live about 30 miles from the location of my membership. I am elderly and do not like to drive at night. So, I attend Sunday morning services at my membership congregation. On Sunday night and Wednesday night, I attend the other one. This is not unusual.

The issue is that I participate in some of the activities at the visiting congregation. Just recently, I have begun to lead the devotional at the monthly ladies’ day meeting. This evening I asked if I could sign up for a new group that would visit their members once a month.

I am a widow and cherish all my brothers and sister in Christ. I happen to live about five minutes from the other congregation. I work where there is an opportunity that I can fulfill. Both congregations constantly admonish us to be family. Does being a family stop at the church door?

Thank you for your thoughts on this matter.


It appears you are trying to be a member of two different congregations simultaneously. I assume both congregations are equally faithful to the Lord since you are attending both. Whether one congregation has elders or not doesn't make a difference in regard to your question.

All Christians are a part of the family of God (I Timothy 3:15). This relationship is universal to all Christians and is not limited to a local congregation.

Since you are having difficulty driving at night, it makes more sense to be a member of the congregation closer to your house. Visit your brethren at the other congregation as often as you can, but be involved in your local congregation.


Thank you very much.

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