What is the difference between sin, iniquity, and abomination?


Is there any difference between sin and iniquity, and is there any difference between sin and abomination?


"Sin" generally translates the Greek word harmartia. It means to err, to miss the mark or the goal. Harmartia and its related forms are the most general word describing that which is sin. In Hebrew, the word is chatta'ah, which means to miss a goal, to fall short of a standard, to make a mistake, or to sin (Proverbs 19:2).

Other words then give shades of meaning to various ways people sin.

"Offense" or "trespass" translates the Greek word paraptoma. It means to fall, falter, or a misstep (Romans 5:17; 11:11-12).

The Greek word agnoema refers to sins of ignorance or thoughtlessness (Hebrews 9:7). The Hebrew word for the same concept is mishneh.

"Wickedness" translates the Greek word poneria. It is someone who lacks ethical standards, or a rottenness or disease of the soul.

"Malice" translates the Greek word kakia. It is evilness or wickedness (Mark 7:21).

"Disobedience" translates the Greek word parakoe. It means failing or refusing to hear (Romans 5:19).

"Transgression" translations the Greek word parabasis. It means to pass or go beyond. It is intentionally going beyond what the law allows (Romans 4:15).

"Guilt" translates the Greek word enochos. It refers to someone being held responsible, judged, or condemned by the law.

"Iniquity" translates the Greek word adikia. It literally means "without a name;" in other words, it is acting without authority. It is the opposite of righteousness (Romans 6:13). It means injustice, wickedness, or wrongdoing.

"Lawlessness" translates the Greek word anomia. This word literally means "without law." It is acting without permission of the law (I John 3:4).

"Ungodliness" translates the Greek word asebeia. It literally means "without religion." It refers to being without awe of God and not giving God honor or worship.

The word "abomination" translates the Hebrew word pigguwl. It means something that stinks because it is rotten. It refers to something that makes you sick to your stomach just to think about. The Greek word is bdelugma which means desolation.


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