What is my calling?


Dear sir,

l study cybersecurity and information technology. l had a job but l quit it thinking the salary was not enough. l have since continued to applied for jobs but nothing has happened. l get jobs interviews, but l will not be called in for work. I thought it was because l didn't have a degree or professional certificate, so l took an online program to study cybersecurity. But still, nothing is working.

I wonder what is happening in my life. Perhaps it is my father's side of the family because he was an idol worshipper and that may be the cause of my lack of a job.

l started moving from church to church to find a solution to my problem. l was told my man of God is that l had the Calling of God. l rejected it and went to another prophetess. She told me the same thing. So, man of God, l need your help to explain to me how to start my ministry and to pray for me to know were l should start.


It is generally foolish to quit a job before you have another job. Even if your old job was not paying you enough, you were making more than you currently are earning.

There are two parts to gaining a job: having a skill that others need for their business and finding a business that needs that skill at the time you are looking. Sometimes areas are saturated with people with a particular skill, so you might have to move elsewhere to find an opening.

In your particular case, I suspect that you don't stand out in a field with many people competing for the same position. It would help when you don't get a job to ask the interviewer what you are lacking compared to the other candidates for the job. Be prepared to hear things that you might not like or agree with. Don't argue with the interviewer. You want to know how you come across to other people and what qualities you are missing. My guess is the fact that you are not currently employed in your field makes you less desirable compared to others who have held jobs longer.

To blame God for your lack of employment is to not take responsibility for your own life. You should ask God for help in locating a job, but there are things you also need to do.

The two people who claim to be prophets are nothing but frauds. There is no modern-day prophecy according to the Bible. See: Why is it always brought up that prophecy will cease? What these people do is give vague statements that people can interpret many different ways. "You have a calling." Technically, that statement is improper English and so can be understood in a variety of ways. In the Bible, God calls people to be saved. See: What is "the hope of His calling?"

I take it from your note that you think you have been called by God to preach. God does want people to teach His gospel, but it is people who should desire to teach others. Jumping from church to church tells me that you haven't learned the Bible well. You aren't looking for the Truth but for a someone to tell you how to make money. That is not the mark of a preacher. See: Preachers.


Thanks for the tip!

But Mr. Jeffrey, what do you suggest that l should do?

Nobody told me how to look for money, Mr. Jeffrey. When l couldn't get a job since l had quit my former job, l prayed and fasted, but nothing happened. l decided to move from church to church. l also searched through the Internet. This is where l came across your site. You tell me that l should stop going from church to church. That is good but how does a blind person like me search? This search today led me to you and l thank God for that.

God blessed you.


First, keep applying for jobs in the field that you want to work, but start keeping a list of what qualifications you lack to secure the jobs you are turned down for. Once you see a pattern, you can decide if you can improve yourself or not.

Second, food still needs to be put on the table, so locate a temporary job. "For even when we were with you, we commanded you this: If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat" (II Thessalonians 3:10). Too many refuse temporary low-paying jobs because they believe them to be beneath their dignity. However, right now it is important to have some income to live off.

Third, start broadening your job search. Look at jobs in related fields. If you can't get a job in cybersecurity, see if you can get one in Information Technology. Look at jobs in other regions. Even while you are working at your temporary job, keep looking for a more permanent situation.

In regards to finding a church, what is important is finding one teaches the truth so that you please God. It doesn't matter how much you might like a particular group if they don't help you get to heaven (Ephesians 4:11-16). But to know if a church is teaching the truth, you need to know some of the truth yourself. "Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" (II Timothy 2:15). You don't find this by randomly attending various churches. You find it by opening up your Bible and learn what the truth is. Then you look at the churches in your area and compare what they teach with what you know God teaches.


Thanks for the tip! God bless you, Mr. Jeffrey. Well, I will do that.

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