What do you think about a congregation using a “praise team” to lead singing?


Good morning!!

I recently visited a congregation that had a “Praise Team”.  There were 8 adults in front of the congregation (4 males and 4 females). Each one facing the congregation holding a microphone.  They were singing a song (acapella), with the words appearing on a giant screen up in the front (no song notes, just words).  Just about everyone around me seemed to be listening to the Praise Team, instead of singing themselves.  Myself, I could not sing as I didn’t know the song, and again, there was no song notes on the screen.

My question is: is it unscriptural to worship God using this “Praise Team”?  If everyone was singing (as commanded in scripture), would it still be unscriptural?  I have a problem with this new innovation (as the 4 females could be construed as “leading” in worship).  Plus, I have no doubt that this innovation is done so as to be pleasing to the worshipers (instead of pleasing to God).  What are your thoughts on this?

Thank you.


I would suggest being more choosy about the congregations you visit. What you have is a group (a choir) leading the congregation in song. Yes, the fact that women were a part of the leading makes this unscriptural (I Timothy 2:11-12). The lack of music or information about the tune indicates they weren't really expecting participation from the congregation.

See: Choirs and Solos and Is the use of a "praise team" scriptural?

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