What about using bulletins published outside the congregation?


Hi Jeff,

I pray for you and for your ministry in answering all of these questions. You have helped so many people in understanding the Scriptures. Thank you!

What does the Bible teach about congregations utilizing evangelistic tools such as “House to House Heart to Heart”? If I’m understanding it correctly, an elder from a church of Christ congregation publishes these newsletters, and congregations can then use them as a church bulletin or send them out as an evangelistic tool.


I receive the particular bulletin that you mentioned. I don't recall finding any flaw in the material. However, it tends to be "light" and avoids most controversial topics. It must since it strives to be found acceptable by a large audience. It is also published by members of the more liberal branches of the church.

As an outreach tool, it can be useful. However, it should be remembered that the local congregation does not have any control over what is being taught by the publication.


Thanks, Jeff.

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