Too Busy Doing the Wrong Things

I.         Some of us are careful shoppers. Especially when it comes to expensive items, such as our cars

            A.        You could buy the cheapest thing on the lot. It will run, but we understand that it won’t last long. It is not worth the investment.

            B.        Rather, most of us understand that it is better to save up and buy the better item that has a better chance of surviving.

            C.        Our whole life is an investment. We are spending our time, but what are we purchasing? Will it be durable or only temporary?

            D.        We spend our time so freely, it is hard to find extra time

                        1.         There is just so many things going on

                        2.         I always have more projects than can be done in a reasonable amount of time.

                                    a.         I’m having to learn the hard way to prioritize my activities.

                                    b.         Some things, I just have to drop, as much as I like to do them.

II.        Work consumes most of our time

            A.        But working for work sake is not satisfying - Eccl. 4:8

                        1.         Luke 12:16-20 - A man who is worried about gains does not concern himself about God.

                        2.         True satisfaction only comes from God - Isa 55:1-3

            B.        Time is more precious than we realize

                        1.         We need to redeem the time — to purchase it as a precious commodity, to rescue from loss - Eph. 5:16

                        2.         We have a limited amount of time to use - Ps. 90:10-12

                        3.         Every opportunity that flies by is then lost if we do not make use of it.

            C.        Martha’s concern was for her labors, missing an opportunity to learn from the Lord - Luke 10:38-42

III.       We cannot ignore work. To live in this world, we must labor.

            A.        We are to lead a quiet life, laboring so we have what is needed - I Thess 4:11-12

            B.        Work to provide for your family - I Tim 5:8

            C.        Work to help out others in this world - Eph. 4:28

IV.      We are to work, but we cannot allow our work to make us so tired as to neglect the work of God - II Thess 3:10-12

            A.        God requires service from us - Deut 10:12

                        1.         To be a living sacrifice is a reasonable service - Rom 12:1

                        2.         Heb 12:28 - Serve God with reverence

            B.        Some serve God, but they do not allow time in their lives for any effort. Service to God becomes a matter of convenience.

                        1.         Diligence is needed to show we are approved by God - II Tim 2:15

                        2.         Show diligence, like the men of old, through our faith - Heb 6:9-12

                        3.         The priority of our labors is for eternal things - John 6:27

V.        Brethren, let us purchase everlasting things with our time. Use it wisely.

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