These Are Our Times

by Doy Moyer

Abusive. Heartless. Brutal. Slanderous. Reckless (read II Timothy 3:1-5). These are our times. These are times in which people will brutally kill a child in the womb, then slander and curse those who would oppose it. These are times in which people will be reckless in behavior, crude toward those who differ, and ruthless in how they oppose them. There is little grace to be seen or heard. We must be tolerant, after all. Ban God. Ban the Bible. Ban anyone who stands for them. By all means, we must be tolerant, even if it means the use of barbaric tactics and language to shame and humiliate.

True discussions and reasonable arguments are few and far between, but brutal language, insulting rants, and shame-shouting is the way of our culture. Grab at power, take the megaphone, and shout out, with plenty of expletives, how disgusting your opposition is. That is the mark of true intelligence and reason.

Christians, do not be surprised. All of this is powerful evidence that the gospel is needed. Instead of responding with insult for insult or curse for curse, show love by pointing to Jesus. People who act and talk so brutally are not happy people. Our culture heaps its own misery upon itself and perpetuates the sadness, anger, and hatred that no one, deep down, can really desire. But people do not know how to purge that, so they vent in anger and frustration at any target that they feel is easy to attack.

Respond in compassion by showing that there is a better path. There is real love. There are real grace and mercy. Jesus has been standing here with open arms the whole time. Many will reject Him. Some will believe. Ours is to get the gospel out so that people will come face to face with the offense of the cross and make their decision: will I try to save myself or will I submit to the only One who can save me?

The god of this world has blinded minds and hearts (II Corinthians 4:4). But it doesn't have to be that way. The light of the gospel of the glory of Christ can shine through. And that will make all the difference.

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