The Sin of Pride

I.          Pride is prevalent in our society

             A.         Pride in our work

             B.         Pride in yourself - often call self-esteem

             C.         Letters come addressed not just to the church, but to “Senior Pastor” or “Reverend”

II.         People have always wanted titles, to have others look up to them

             A.         III John 9 - Diotrephes loved to be looked up to

             B.         Mt. 23:1-12 - The Pharisees did everything to be seen by others

             C.         The disciples argued who was greatest - Luke 22:24-27

             D.         Nebuchadnezzar’s pride - Dan. 4:30

             E.         II Chr. 32:24-26 - Hezekiah’s pride kept him from acknowledging God’s gift to him.

III.        The meaning of pride

             A.         Pride refers to exalting yourself; blowing your own horn; being arrogant, disdainful of others; high-minded.

             B.         Pride is the opposite of humility -- considering others as better than yourself - Phil. 2:3-8

                          1.          Christ shows humility. God takes on man’s form to die for man. Never once did Jesus trumpet who he was. Never once did he demand his “rights.”

                          2.          Paul, the least of the apostles - I Cor. 15:9

                          3.          David, from an insignificant family - I Sam. 9:21

                          4.          Abraham, just dust before God - Gen. 18:27

             C.         Strife is always associated with pride

                          1.          A proud person wants things done his way

                          2.          Without the willingness to give in for other’s sake, there is strife

                          3.          Pr. 13:10 - Pride brings contention

                          4.          Pr. 28:25 - Pride stirs up strife

             D.         Pride is a sin - Pr. 21:4

                          1.          Hab. 2:4 - The proud is not upright

                          2.          Pride of life is not of God - I Jn 2:16

                          3.          A thing worthy of death - Rom. 1:30

                          4.          Pride is the sin Satan is guilty of - I Tim. 3:6

IV.       The world boasts of its pride

             A.         “Look out for number one.” “I’m OK, your OK”

             B.         In perilous times men will be proud, headstrong, haughty - II Tim. 3:1-5

             C.         The humble are held in contempt by the proud - Ps. 123:4

             D.         Sometimes it looks as if it is a better way - Ps. 73

V.         The result of pride

             A.         Pr. 11:2 - Pride brings shame

             B.         Pr. 16:18 - Pride proceeds destruction

             C.         Lk. 1:51 - God scatters the proud

             D.         James 4:6 - God resists the proud

VI.       Learn to be humble

             A.         I Pet. 5:5-6 - Be submissive and clothed in humility

             B.         The Bible never uses pride in a good sense when applied to people

                          1.          Same Hebrew word ...

                          2.          Exaltation of God in his triumph - Ex. 15:1

                          3.          Praise of God’s excellence - Ex. 15:7, Ps. 47:4

                          4.          Luxuriant, rich, thick things - Job 38:11, Jer. 12:5, 49:19, 50:44

             C.         We all like complements. We want to think we are worth something. However, always consider others as more important.

             D.         Like too much sweets, seeking your own glory is not good for your spiritual health - Proverbs 25:27

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