The Fruits and Tendencies of Evolution

by Jon Gary Williams

Typical of many evolutionists is this statement from The Meaning of Evolution, by G. G. Simpson: "Man is the result of a purposeless and materialistic process that did not have him in mind." A more recent statement by the famed evolutionist, Julian Huxley, expresses the same sentiment: "Darwinism removed the whole idea of God as the creator of organisms from the sphere of rational thought. Darwin pointed out that no supernatural designer was needed; since natural selection could account for any known form of life, there was no room for a supernatural agency in its evolution."

On the cover of Gamaliel Bradford's work, Darwin, is the statement: "The life of a gentle, tolerant, and lovable man, who overturned the world of thought, shifted the whole attitude of science, and upheaved the very foundation of religion and morality." Again, "He made hell a laughing stock and heaven a dream." Such statements reveal the true nature of modern evolutionary thinking.

Lying at the root of all evolutionary ideals is a basic anti-creation, anti-God attitude. It is principally a materialistic philosophy with nothing to offer but doubt and despair. Most evolutionists have an automatic barrier that reacts at the very mention of the alternative to their theory, namely, creationism.

That the theory of evolution is a negative and unproductive philosophy is shown by the following:

Evolution Is Not Beneficial to Science

W. O. Davis writes: "If anything good has come out of the evolution theory, it is certainly difficult to detect it. And it is a self-evident truth, accepted by all thinking people, that a tree is known by its fruits." Dr. W. R. Thompson states: "I am not satisfied that Darwin proved his point or that his influence in scientific and public thinking has been beneficial." Thompson adds: "The success of Darwinism was accomplished by a decline in scientific integrity."

Supporters of Evolution Often Do Not Square with the Facts

The theory, therefore, becomes a biased doctrine. In modern scientific circles it has become fashionable for evolutionists to say of others: "Why, you're not looking at both sides of the issue." Now, this may sound impressive to the unaware, but when the truth is known it is the evolutionist who fails to look at both sides of the issue. When only favorable information is presented and when detrimental information is suppressed or neglected, obviously the scientific process is being cast aside. Evolution, of course, is not a fact. It has not been proven. Even Darwin admitted that it was unproved and not provable. But listen again to the 20th century's leading exponent of evolution, Julian Huxley: "Whether or not we like it, Darwin's theory is confirmed .. thanks to Darwin we accept evolution as a fact."

Evolution to a Large Degree, Grew Out of Atheism and Has a Tendency to Promote Atheism

Evolutionists make a fetish out of what they call academic freedom. To them, it means the license to teach anything that they want to, even to the advocacy of those things which undermine the basic foundations of society.

This is the trend among many evolutionists teach what you wish regardless of the consequences. Atheism, by way of deceptive evolution, is one of the things being subtly advocated. In a pamphlet entitled Evolution Implies Atheism, published by the American Association for the Advancement of Atheism, president Woosley Teller said: "The God idea cannot be reconciled with our knowledge of evolution."

Evolution stands in direct opposition to belief in God. This, of course, is admitted by all leading evolutionists. Real supporters of the theory are quite clear and adamant when discussing this, for they realize there can be no reconciliation between the two.

The Doctrine of Evolution Creates an Atmosphere Tending Toward Immorality

When young people are led to believe they are only the result of an evolutionary process, are nothing more than advanced creatures possessing no soul, and that there is no God to whom they will one day give account, what can be expected of their moral outlook? Some youths have said: "If we are no different than dogs or cats, why should we believe in moral rules?"

Evolution Has Been Instrumental in Producing Corrupt Systems of Society

Communism is based on atheism and breeds in an atmosphere of atheism. Few are aware that Karl Marx, the designer of the communist philosophy, drew heavily on Darwin's concepts of natural selection and survival of the fittest. Atheistic entomologist Geoffrey Taylor says: "Darwin's Origin Of Species and Marx's Das Capital ... heralded the two great secular faiths of modern times Evolutionism and Communism. Let me say at once that both these faiths are wrong; that each enshrines not the truth, but warped illusions. They are connected and intertwined. Marx requested that his book be dedicated to Darwin.

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