The Case for Virginity

by Alexis Williams

I am a virgin for myself. I know that having sex is a choice that is not left up to anyone but me to make. I also know that there is so much pressure to make a decision right away when it comes to having sex, and, oftentimes, people make that decision prior to marriage. Women often forget that it is not up to the man to decide when she is ready to give this gift away. It is my gift to give to someone who truly deserves to have it, and in my heart, I know that the person who truly deserves this gift from me is my future husband.

I am a virgin for my future husband. Giving my whole self to him physically is the one thing that no one else in the whole world can give him. It is the one thing that I possess that I will give to him, and it will be for him alone. To me, that is something so beautiful and heartfelt and special. How amazing will it be to give something so unique to someone who will know that no one else in the whole world ever got this gift from me? He will feel so honored. And it is an honor and a feeling that I only want to share with him. It will be perfect. Because it will be something that we will share only with each other for as long as the Lord wills us to live on earth.

But most of all, I am a virgin for my God in heaven. He is my Creator and my Lord. By remaining a virgin until marriage, I am letting Him know that I trust Him and I honor him by respecting His will. His will for me is to wait to have sex until after marriage. And I trust that His will is perfect. Meaning that if I were to wait until after marriage to have sex, because it is His will, that experience will be more amazing and perfect and unlike any other sexual experience that I could have prior to marriage. There’s a reason why He wishes us to wait for marriage, and I know that it is because, in that union, sex will be better than anything I can imagine because it will be good and right in the sight of God. And anything good in His sight will be blessed by Him, so I know that it will exceed anything my mind can even imagine about sex now.

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