Jerusalem’s Fall

by Terry Wane Benton

Though Jerusalem had been destroyed during the Babylonian period (536 BC) as predicted by Jeremiah, it was also predicted that the Lord of hosts would be riding on the clouds to bring about that fall, and later the fall of Babylon, which was used to bring about the 70-year captivity of the Jews (Isaiah 13, 19). Jerusalem would be rebuilt in the days of Ezra and Nehemiah. Daniel looked way past that time to the day of the Messiah and predicted that after the Messiah was cut off (Jesus the Messiah was crucified) the temple would be destroyed one final time (Daniel 9:24ff). Jesus said it would happen in that very generation (Matthew 24:1-34). By AD 70, not one stone was left upon another.

The fall of Jerusalem was and has always been proof of God’s word, and further proof that Jesus really is God’s Son, the fullness of deity. The temple system has not been rebuilt since then and never will. Jesus is now the Great High priest, and His temple is spiritual (Ephesians 2:18-21; I Peter 2:5-9), not material and physical. This spiritual house is far greater than that physical temple had ever been in all its glory. As a type can never be greater than its spiritual antitype. Spiritual riches are far more valuable than material riches. When the Jerusalem temple went down according to Jesus’ word, it forever verified that God had indeed rejected Judaism, and only when they come to Jesus, the only way, can they be grafted back into God’s blessed vine (Romans 11). The true Israel is the church of Christ composed of believing (in Jesus) Jews and Gentiles. Our Jerusalem is above, not the ruined one below (Galatians 4:24f).

The name of Jesus be praised!

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